About Michelle


My name is Michelle Williams and I am the founder of Problems 2 Solutions. The idea of Problems 2 Solutions started many years ago. I was born with the gift of solving problems and recognized my gift in 7th grade. It was then when I noticed my love for solving problems. In high school, I excelled in math and joined the math club. In college, I majored in Finance/Accounting and obtained a work study job as a math tutor. My favorite subject became Statistic because of the challenge of solving problems. After college, I landed a few jobs as a Jr. Accountant, Staff Account and Financial Analyst where I was responsible for reconciling accounts all because of my love for solving problems. As my family grew, I decided to become a Substitute Teacher. As a Substitute Teacher, I assisted students in solving their disputes with other students and family issues. Several years later, I decided to further my education in counseling and chose Solution Focus Therapy as an approach to concentrate on solutions. Later, I obtained employment as a Career Coach as well as a Behavioral Health Counselor (BHC). As a BHC, I helped many clients overcome depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, bipolar and eating disorders. My educational background and career was all about solving problems.

So, creating Problems 2 Solutions was not an over night process. It has been in the making for years. In my personal life, I had to make many adjustments including going away to college, getting married, having a family while balancing work and school, divorce, single parenting and caring for (grieving) a parent. I am also victorious over a few health challenges. Many of the adjustments I endured has made me stronger and wiser. I am now more compassion and understanding in assisting my clients. In essence, I am utilizing the gift God has given me from my past experiences to assist clients in achieving their best life.

May you prosper, be in good health as your soul prospers 3 John 1:2.